At Steamery, the mission is to inspire and educate people to take better care of their clothes in order to make them last longer. The philosophy of clothing care isn’t something new. Two generations ago everybody knew how to take care of their clothes, but since then the tradition has been forgotten. Steamery wanted to bring it back, but with a modern solution. That’s why the founders Frej, Petra and Martin started the brand in 2014 and created smart, minimalistic and modern clothing care products that are believed to forever change the way clothes are treated. 


The Steamery Pilo Fabric Shaver – Pink has three precision made razor blades and an impressively strong motor that originates from an electric razor. The result is a fabric shaver twice as powerful as any other device on the market, highly effective when removing lint and pilling, threads and fuzz from your clothes, textiles and furniture.  



  • Lint-free and presentable clothes 
  • Works perfectly on home interior like sofas, cushions, armrests and blankets 
  • Easy to bring on weekend- and business trips 
  • Works on all kinds of materials – be gentle on delicate materials like cashmere, merino and alpaca



  • Usage time: 50 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 year 
  • USB charging: USB charging cord included 
  • Charging time: 5 hours 
  • Power: 5W

STEAMERY Pilo Fabric Shaver – Pink