Olfactory Reverie.

A crisp floral candle in a translucent porcelain vessel that glows when the wick is lit.

The scent: fresh cut flowers

Our Muse Candles are a soy/paraffin blend for a cleaner burn and stronger scent reach. Enjoy their essence for an average 48 hour burn time—trimming the wick regularly to approximately 5 mm cm will help your candle burn at a slower rate.

Once your candle is gone, the vessel is begging to be reused as a vase (we recommend pretty posies.) Packaged in a nifty gift box, they make a perfect hostess present (or pick-me-up for yourself).

Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc Ceramic Candle

    • 9 cm H
    • 368 g soy/paraffin blend candle
    • Porcelain vessel
    • Two wicks
    • Approximate burn time: 48 hours
    • Minimize wax on the sides of the vessel and damage caused by overheating by not burning longer than 2 to 3 hours
    • Always trim the wicks before lighting