Emin+Paul is a London based fashion brand that has represented effortless style and high quality since it was founded in 2010, by two young designers, Emin Young and Paul Kim. They have set out to establish themselves as a British fashion label which is reflected through their contemporary, clever-cut collections that exude flare and femininity.  Their aim is to create garments that are perfectly balanced in an attentive and fully-justified way.


The Emin + Paul Green Check Wrap-Around Cashmere Wool Blend Coat is mid-length, fully-lined and crafted from a premium cashmere-wool blend, perfect for cooler climates. As well as being constructed with high quality fabric, the clean lines make it an instant classic that’s elevated with modern twists such as a wrap-around design, oversized lapels, and matched stitching. This coat also benefits from concealed poppers inside the cuffs for a looser sleeve, two hidden pockets, a tie belt for an accentuated silhouette and a timeless a-line hem.


- One-size-fits-all.

- Fully-lined.
- 100% Cashmere-Wool blend.


Emin+Paul Green Check Wrap-Around Cashmere Wool Blend Coat

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