Design House Stockholm is the publishing house for Scandinavian design. Their collection represents the best of contemporary Scandinavian design, future design classics with timeless appeal. Products with character, personality and qualities that outlive temporary trends.  The company was founded in 1992 by CEO Anders Färdig and is one of the leading brands in Scandinavian Design.


Design House Stockholm Pythagoras candle holder is a candelabra that with one continuous line draws out several triangles that together make up interesting shapes from every angle.  The candelabra plays with lines and negative space creating intriguing silhouettes and volumes. When the three candles are lit the shadows expand the geometric composition into a larger spectrum.


DIMENSIONS (MM) 210×240×200 mm
DIMENSIONS BOX (MM) 265×235×235 mm
MATERIAL Powder coated metal.

Design House Stockholm - Pythagoras candleholder Black